Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA™)
By earning the Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA™) credential, the first step toward the CWNE™ certification, network engineers and administrators demonstrate that they have the skills necessary to administer, install, configure, and troubleshoot wireless network systems. CWNA training and CWSP courses

The CWNA course outline describes in detail the training you need to help you prepare for the exam and achieve CWNA or CWNE status.

Who should get certified?
The CWNA certification is appropriate for:

  • Systems and Network Administrators.
  • Systems and Network Engineers.
  • Systems and Network Analysts.
  • Technical Support and Implementation Engineers.
  • Technical Consultants.
  • Network Architects.

Wireless Certification is an excellent supplement to your existing networking expertise or certifications.

About the exam
The CWNA exam consists of 60 multiple choice, multiple answer, and True/False questions, delivered randomly. The material covered in the exam can be found in the CWNA Exam Objectives.

The scope of an individual's understanding of wireless LAN networking will be evident if they achieve a passing score on the exam due to the diversity and complexity of the exam. The exam covers a broad range of knowledge and even gets down to some distinct level of detail in some areas.

Studying for the CWNA exam may take many days. White papers, recent wireless LAN web-based periodicals, manufacturer websites, and any of the wireless LAN books on the market all make good study material for this exam. Click here for details on our wireless network training programmes.

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